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Assalamuálaikum !

Soooo excited posting this pictures ! HIJAB DAY 2014 by HIJABERS COMMUNITY JAKARTA was held with great alhamdulillah... We (committee) were prepared it only a month. But , alhamdulillah with ALLAH's power , we can did it ! Wohooo

I'll share in some parts. Because the photos is so many and still don't know which photos that I want to post. And also most of those moment will be post at HC Jakarta's blog. By the way, don't be surprised with un-beautiful pictures. I prefer posting like behind the scenes :p

Briefing before the SHOW ! Our tired and nervous face haha
The day before , all committee busy prepared for tomorrow. Some of us stayed until 1 AM. And we have to go to Snappy for print all the stuff until 2.30 AM ! Only have 1.5 hours to slept. At 6 AM we already stand by at Skenoo Exhibition again.

"Ehhh apaan nih teiaknya ?" ------> "HC JAKARTA !" udahh
Me and Tria
10 AM.. Me and Tria as a MC for opening. Bridging before Pengajian with Ustad Riza and  Alyssa Soebandono. We're not a good MC, either a good entertainer. I appologize for our 'jayus'joke. Hahaha
Just realized my pants not balance pffftttt

HC Jakarta's booth. Fo registration HC Jakarta's member card .. Managed by HCJKT's new division Internal Relation
Sticker, Pouch, Notes.. Super cute merchandise , right ? ;)
Another cool spot! Share Your Thoughts
7000 visitors thought :D
HC Jakarta's Sharing session ! Neisya, me and Ka Fika
Mba Inneke and Raissa pose ! Kuwlll kan??
Who is she ? :/
Ini nama nya Wanda, sama kayak yang di atas situu
Wanda is HC JKT's Mimin for twitter. My favorite blogger also. When i'm in stressed, read her blog then it'll disappear ! Visit her blog www.pratiwanda.wordpress.com

Raissa and Ka Dian.. Evening wear, black and gold theme. Gorgeous right ?
Neisya, Dafina, Me , Chica, Ka Sarah
Happy face after the SHOW !!!! Alhamdulillaaaah

Neisya, Me, Ririn, Tria, Ka Dida

Because I’m happy..............
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy....................
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy.............
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy.................
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

Happy from Pharell Williams covered by FATIMA VOICE closing the Show!
And absolutely H A P P Y

Jazakumullah khayran katsiran :)

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