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I've an opportunity to interview Tania Putri, 20-year-old, beautiful, stylish and talented! She's staring a Tv Series "Kepompong" as Helen and Movie's Television (FTV). A student of Trisakti School of Management, 7th semester, said that education is important beside her entertinment activities. Here there are our chit chat ;)

1. What's your recently activities ?
Just go to campus and shooting.

2. What does Style mean for you ?
Style is "Wear what you feel good in." If you like something, just wear it :)

3. Tell us about your style that defines you !
My style,mmm.. I'll wear everything that I think suitable, although looks a bit strange and unique style. But that's Me ! Fashion doesn't get lost in my mind.

4. How about your favorite item ?
Shoes is a must !

5. Your brand favorite? Why?
None. Cause I'm not into a brands. That's why I dont get it , why should I be proud wearing a branded stuffs cause of  its 'branded'.

6. Nowadays, a lot of women muslim wearing hijab and show their a hijab style. What do you think?
So cute their style. Creative !

7. Do you wanna wear a hijab soon? ;)
Absolutely. Especially when I saw hijab style, I really wanna try and learn how to wear it. And I've tried, it looks pretty good ! :)

8. Tell us about your goals in the future.
I have many goals and plans for my future. hahahaaaa.. One of them is being a successful young entrepreneur. Aamiin ya Rabb..

These are, Tania in Hijab. How pretty she is!  ;)

With her beloved Mom

Me and Tania

Reach Tania at her twitter @taniaputri1707

Thanks :)


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